Machiya Suit

If one makes a little distance from the days of busy hustle and bustle,
the gentle heart that is forgotten will reamerge.

Machiya Suite: a separate residence standing in a quiet place where the charm of Kyoto slowly drifts in.
Stay at a Kyoto Machiya designed by Mr. Wataru Hasegawa.
Experience the blend of all with a germanium-based Shigaraki bathtub, modern Italian furniture “Cassina”, and modern Japanese “Morishige”.
Enjoy and relax in a private room that exhibits the hospitality of a traditional inn.

machiya suite
Japanese-style room

Spacious and roomy. Rooms are designed for relaxation. There exists a “quietness” to the suite, unique to Japanese-style rooms.


The start of a day in Kyoto should be from Gozen’s morning meal (breakfast).

Bath Room

Relax in the warm waters of a Shigaraki bathtub.