The taste of the seasons is the real treasure of traveling.
We are happy to show you.

At Towa, it is posible for guests to enjoy dinner in their room.
When choosing a plan, please select Room Meal Plan.


The owner chef who studied at Fushimi’s well-established and renown restaurant, handpicks every ingredient before cooking. Kyoto dishes have 2 jobs:
(1) is to convey the long and rich history of Kyoto,
and (2) it must be delicious to eat. Rest assured, both jobs are done splendidly.


Sukiya that is unique to Kyoto.
We use plenty of Kuroge Wagyu beef, Kujo Negi (green onions), and Chikuwabu.



Shinoda Nabe (hot-pot)

Shinoda Nabe (hot-pot)

À La Carte (Single Dish) Menu

Platter of Sashimi

Dashimaki (Japanese omelette)

Kuroge Japanese beef steak prepared in 3 flavors


Soymilk Nabe (hot-pot)

Kyoto’s Traditional Obanzai Breakfast

Enjoy a unique breakfast in Kyoto. Taste our homemade and handmade tofu, Kyoto vegetables, and our popular fluffy Dashi-maki (similar to tamago-yaki).

Kyoto’s Traditional Obanzai Breakfast