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Japanese-style guest rooms. Here you can enjoy the ambience of Japan and relax.

Guest Room

Surround yourself in the refined Japanese design and relax in a calm atmosphere.

All rooms are equipped with a bathroom, washroom, bidet (bath & toilet are in seperate rooms). We offer a variety of relaxing spaces that can meet all needs. Please choose from the 3 types of rooms we offer according to your financial budget and the number of accompanying guests.

We offer wireless LAN service for the duration of your stay. All neccesary information (network password, address, etc.) in regard to our router and network will be disclosed to you on your arrival. However, we cannot support you in regard to your own equipment (cellphone, labtop, etc.). We recommend that you check the product manual that came with your equipment if you are having trouble on the equipment end. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

The “Gosho” Rooms

An example of a 2-room that can be converted into a single large room. It is by far the most spacious room available. Here you can relax and have a good time.

The “Ginkaku” Rooms

An 8-tatami (mats) room rougly equivalent to 13.5 square meters. What makes these rooms so great is their comfortableness. A favorite among travelers who are tired and are in need to recuperate.

The “Momoyama” Rooms

An 6-tatami (mats) room rougly equivalent to 10 square meters. Equipped with a simple layout, these rooms are great for people who are traveling in small groups.

The Hall

This large hall responds to a wide range of needs including group meals and banquets. We serve breakfast at this hall as well. Make your travel more memorable by sharing and retaining memories in this large hall.

The Bath Room

The warmth of the water here will heal your mind and body. It is a warm bath with a sense of cleanliness. It is pristinely clean and is open 24 hours.